valady (valady) wrote,

Help Stevie-Ray Shine!

Stevie Ray is a brilliant 11 year boy in Canada and nephew of our own tudorpot. Just before he turned 3 he was diagnoised with High Risk Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia and for 2 1/2 years endured chemotherapy. He is completely cured now, but his cure came with a price, it left him with certain learning disabilities (primarlily in writing and drawing). He is however, exceptionally gifted in math and language and participated in this years Gauss Math Competition, one of four grade 6 kids chosen from his school to join. He came in 8th place! Stevie is also quite the athlete.

Why does he need help you may ask... Stevies school is not able, or willing, to teach him as he needs to be taught. His parents found a private school for him to attend in Tornoto called Metropolitan Prepatory Academy and because of Stevies academic record, letters of recommendation, and test results provided by his hospital Stevie was given a $10,000 a year scholarship to the school. However, his parents need to come up with $9,000 that the scholarship does not cover and that is where you, my dear friends, come in. If we can all find $5 to donate it would go a long way in helping Stevie Ray attain his dream. Did I mention he wants to be a theoretical physicist (think Stephen Hawking)?

You can read more about Stevie Ray on his aunt's LJ here, the blogspot page his sister made here, and here on Facebook.

Give what you can to help this little boy reach his full potential.

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